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Skoda photoelectric won the 2011 Shenzhen prize for progress in science and technology
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According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 20 report ( reporter Hou Lijun ) Austria President Heinz Fischer on the morning of 20 to attend the China - Austria Economic Forum said, to strengthen the Olympic economy and trade cooperation is the development of Austrian Department priority among priorities. Group member of the board of directors of the World Federation of overseas Chinese associations vice president Mr. Liu Xiong and the World Business Council for International Investment Promotion Executive Vice President of the Spanish overseas Ms. Hu Xiaoxia, and under the Shenzhen CEO in Deli attended the China - Austria Economic Forum, and in a bid to a total of more than 500 people at the scene witnessed the forum successfully held. In the forum speech begins, Fischer quoted Chinese proverb, " seeing is believing " to describe his China trip. President Fischer in a keynote speech that, this visit aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation in political, the Austrian economic, cultural and technological exchanges, and economic exchange and key. And last visit to compared to Chinese, I deeply appreciate the tremendous growth and change, of China's reform and opening up policy greatly admired. In the Austrian bilateral economic and trade cooperation is the development of the priority among priorities, hope the enterprises of both sides to seize the opportunity, continue to develop. President Fischer also said, Austria is the technology industry, with many of the world's leading technology; in addition, the geographical position of Austria is superior, Chinese enterprise can through Austria to enter the EU market, very convenient. Austria attaches importance to and treasure the 2010 Shanghai World Expo platform, will strive to build Austria Pavilion, and hope in the Austrian enterprises of both countries to catch the opportunity, strengthen exchanges, the bilateral economic and trade relations continue to harmonious development.